Netgear Firmware Update | Netgear Router Login 

How can I manually update the firmware of my NETGEAR Nighthawk router?

  1. The first basic step is to connect with the computer using the Ethernet cable, brought by you with the products.
  2. One of the points of the cable should be connected to the router and the other end should be connected to the Computer.
  3. Now visit the NETGEAR support site or to the and click to the file that you want to download.
  4. The firmware version that you want to download should go with your hardware version. Also, take care of the options asking for window or Mac computer. 
  5. A zipped file will be downloaded to your computer, save this file to a secure location. Hit and open a web browser, installed by default in your computer and the mobile. You can even go for a fresh browser for better
  6. At the admin field fill the required essentials or any other of your choice.
  7. A login page will be rolled out to you. Now the login page will be asking you to fill the user name and the password.
  8. Enter ADMIN as the username and PASSWORD as the password of your NETGEAR X4S 2600 router or NIGHTHAWK PRO gaming router. 
  9. Follow some specific keywords from the menu. These keywords are;


Then select the zipped file and unlock this file and click to update. The update process will go for at least some time. Never interrupt the process and get it finished completely. Choose File then depict or opt for the firmware file that finishes with .img or .chk and then click to update the router by tapping to the update button. After that do not interrupt the process. Do not turn on the router until the process is going on. 

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