Web portal, and are all used to setup and login into router ! Netgear nighthawk routers provide very reliable Netgear network and a stable connection.
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Make it easy to set up your NETGEAR routers of AX series, like, Nighthawk Smart Wi-Fi, Nighthawk AX12 12-Stream Wi-Fi Router. BUY NOW, Nighthawk AX8 8-Stream Wi-Fi 6, Nighthawk X6S Tri-Band Wi-Fi Router, etc. Now it is very easy to get more out of your router with the Nighthawk App. It is easy to install your router in just a few steps and the intuitive dashboard have more to get out of your router. After getting the app, you just need to run the quick internet setup test, and much more. Network management is just a tap away with the NETGEAR Nighthawk App.

  • The dashboard provides you with very simple management to view your network status, notifications, and all the other features that your router offers to you. 
  • You can even pause your internet anytime, Speed test of internet, smart parental controls.
  • Remotely management of your Wi-Fi router.
  • Hooking it to Alexa voice device, parental controls enables the family to manage all the connected devices of your home.
  • Parents can filter the available online contents to your network with the filtering websites and the contents.
  • There is one more facility that is called NETGEAR Armor, that gives very advanced and refined cybersecurity from all types of threat protection.
  • This advanced technology is supportable to, R6700, R7000, R7000P, R6900P and RS400.
  • Amazon Alexa and Google Assistance is always there to help you a lot in monitoring your Wi-Fi remote control and

The setup process for the X4S AC2600 Smart Wi-Fi Gaming Router

Step one: Open the box and take out the entire things that you have got with the products. In this box, there will be antennas, Ethernet chords, power adapter, and the user manual. If you have an existing and traditional router, then first disconnect it from the adapter and remove the Ethernet chord. 

Step two: Take off the antennas and fix it with the router. There is a particular number that has given to each of the antennas and attaché each of the antennas as per their respective numbers. 

Step three: When you finished with the process of installation of the antennas, then take the Ethernet chord and fix one of the tips with the Yellow ports of the Nighthawk X4S AC2600 router and the other end should be connected to the modem. 

Step Four: After doing the setup with the routers and the modem take another ethernet chord, and hook it to the computer and the router. Now connect the adapter to the router and plug it inside the sockets of the power supplying board. Then switch on the router. To switch it on, push the button given for power on and off.

Step Five: After making these all arrangement, you should have to do the web configuration of your AC2600 Nighthawk router. You can do the configuration via the computer that you have attached to the router. Go to the web browser, click it to open and  type or

Step Six: After launching the web browser and entering the smart setup wizard, you have to go to the administration page of the router and follow the instructions by your setup wizard. After opening the web page of setup wizard there will be an option to modify your password and the user name. If you want to modify you can, if not then skip this step.

Step Eight: During this process, you will also get the option to download software by the NETGEAR to have a further installation in future. It is not necessary to download this software you can skip this also. Next, you can log in to the administrative page. By logging into the administrative page, you can easily download or update the latest firewall. You can also get the status of your internet connection.

Step Nine: Now there is a step that will ask to set up a new username and the password for your router. Although ADMIN is the username and PASSWORD is the password as the default one for your router. Change it to something unique. After that, the wizard will suggest you download the latest Firmware in case your router needs, then go for it. 

Step Ten: The last thing that is very necessary to do is the registration of your product. If you will do the registration, then you can get the updates and other information about your router. After that, the process of installation and the configuration has been completed.

Fix Orange Light issue on your NETGEAR Pro-Gaming router

  1. Check the internet connectivity of your router to the modem or the satellite. For this unplug the cable cord from the router and re-plug it to the power supplying system. 
  2. In the second step you have to reboot the router first, then reboot the modem by pressing the button on both of the devices. 
  3. Use an Ethernet cable to directly connect the router with the modem. If you see the proper connection and everything is fine, then you should contact to the ISPs. 
  4. Improper Cable connection is a big reason for not getting the solid white light or solid internet connection.
  5. Faulty Cable Connections of the devices are also the main reasons to get into the internet interface. If you are using the old or rugged Ethernet wire, then change it to the new and latest one. This can be the biggest resolution for the solution of the internet connection.
  6. Unidentified Network detection issue with your router. Sometimes your modem is not able to detect the router or it detects the unidentified network. In this scenario, you have to clone the MAC address of the routers. 
  7. After cloning the mac address connect your router with the modem again. MAC is the specific number that is given to your modem and the other devices connected to it. and login errors - Troubleshooting Steps

There could be many reasons for the errors in accessing the and web interface of your Netgear WIFI router. We are presenting here some of the best and most considered resolutions, in this article. If you would try these troubleshooting steps, then it is sure that none of the issues would remain left to solve your trouble. Moreover, these steps should be applied only if your problem does not resolve by first one or the second one. If you are satisfied with the any of the step, then do not jump on to next step.

1st Troubleshoot;

To access the web interface of your router, it is very important to consider the reliable web address or the web URL. Use the web address or as the secure and most visited web address to solve the login and access errors. Your username should be ADMIN and the password should be PASSWORD, while you are logging to the web page.

2nd Troubleshooting step;

Receiving errors in accessing the or web address can be due to the fault in your web browser also. Always try to use the compatible web browser that goes with your router’s firmware version. The second thing that you should consider is to check the history and cashes of the browser. If there is too long web history or a heap of bugs, then it becomes your priority to clear those bugs, caches, and history. Only then, the result will be fruitful to you and you will be successful in access the login page.

3rd Troubleshooting step;

In this measuring step, you are to check and verify whether you are using the correct IP address or not. For the NETGEAR WIFI router’s user ( or is the perfect IP address. If you are unable to access the web URL. then you should go for these IP addresses instead of web URL.

4th Troubleshooting step;

If you are still facing the issues to login and access your web interface, then try a different setup method. It means, if you are using a wired connection via an Ethernet cable, then try wireless connection. If you are using a wireless connection, then try to use direct access via an Ethernet cable. You can even try logging with a different device. If you are using a computer to configure and access the internet, then use Macintosh, but if you are already using Macintosh, then use a smartphone or a different window device.

5th Troubleshooting step;

Connecting with the multiple networks at the same time can be a reason among others, that is making errors in your network access routes. Multiple network means, you are connected with the wireless network along with VPN, Corporate connection, and a private connection. In this scenario, your first step is to get disconnected from all of the networks and stay connected with the WIFI network of your Netgear router.

6th Troubleshooting step;

For a short period of time, disable all pop-ups blockers, firewalls, ad-blocking software, and many more to verify if any of them is creating access issues to your Netgear router login user ID and password. Moreover, you can also try to power cycle the router, modem, and other devices that have connected to your WIFI network. Remove the powerline adapter from the router and turn it off, and then remove the coaxial cable of the modem to turn it off. After, remove entire devices that you have associated with the WIFI network. Later on, plug them back one by one, but do not plug the devices which are less used.

7th Troubleshooting step;

Apply a factory reset process to your WIFI router. In this process, there is a reset button on your NETGEAR WIFI router, you are to press the button for a few seconds, and then leave. It will start rebooting. The rebooting process shows that your router has set to its default setup arrangement. In this process, one thing is to be kept in mind that any of your personalized or customized settings will be lost, and if you have not kept any backup, then you won’t be able to get those settings back.

8th Troubleshooting step;

Although, you will be able to access the or after performing all of the above steps one after another (Only in the condition, if your first step does not work, then jump on to the next step. Do not perform all the measures as a whole). Still if you are having any issue accessing the network, then there will be a problem in your router’s firmware. Click to ADVANCES setup, and then ROUTER UPDATE, and then check, if there is any firmware update available for your router. If available, then click YES to update the firmware. Be sure to download the firmware according to the version of your router’s model.

Negear Router cable setup

Installing and configuring the NETGEAR router with the cable internet connection

Some of the latest routers do not support smart setup wizard, in that case, you need to follow the steps through the below-written article to connect the router with the internet using Smart wizard. The devices that are hooked to your router, click and unlock a web browser that is installed in your device by default. 

  • After unlocking the device, you need to enter the smart setup wizard that is or you can use
  • If these are not working then you have to input the IP address of your router. There are two option for that one of which is and the other is 192.168.11
  • Now the time is to enter the username and the password. The user name is ADMIN and the password is PASSWORD that is very case-sensitive and should be entered very carefully.
  • In case these credentials prove to be useless and are unable to open the web login page, then you could have changed it some time ago. 
  • In that case, you need to find the personalized IDs that you have changed, or if you are unable to remember that, then the last option is to hit the factory reset button.
  • Thus, your router will be set to factory default settings. After getting to your factory default settings you can use those default credentials describes above…
  • There will be a SETUP WIZARD at the upper corner of the basic page, click that and a setup screen will be displayed to you. 
  • Click YES and then click NEXT and soon your setup wizard will detect the internet connection, again select NEXT.
  • In this way, the router will save the entire setting and let you connect with the internet.
  • After all, it is very necessary to ensure that you have got the proper internet connection or not tap to “Router Status” and then go to “Maintenance” 

If you are connected then congratulations, if not then see the further resolutions on or

Router Login in Process
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Setup and configure the NETGEAR Nighthawk X4S AC2600 Smart Wi-Fi pro-gaming router

The Nighthawk X4S AC2600 is a smart Wi-Fi router, presented by the NETGEAR. Undoubtedly these routers are best out of any other router presented in the market. Talking about its features, then it has a number of amazing features. It has built with the quality of Multi-user MIMO mesh technology. It has wave 2 Wi-Fi, USB ports with 3.0 for external storage. It has quad-Stream processor along with the compatibility of Alexa echo device and Google assistant. X4S Smart Wi-Fi Gaming Router is the perfect choice for the gamers also. Reconnecting to the WIFI range extender of home network

  • 1. There are two ways by which you can reconnect to your NETGEAR WIFI range extender. One is to use an Ethernet cable, and the other is by using the WIFI network of your home network.
  • 2. Connect the range extender to the computer or the PC of your house, using the ETHERNET wire.
  • 3. There will be a default web browser in your system or the smart devices, click on to the browser and visit to the address bar.
  • 4. Type at the address bar of the browser that you have launched on your computer or laptop.
  • 5. Then, punch the tab for enter, or if there is an option for SEARCH, then click on it.
  • 6. A login page will be rolled out on your screen. At this login page, there will be two tabs, where you have to put in the user ID, along with the password of your Netgear WIFI range extender. Admin will be filled as the Username and Password will be filled as the password of your range extender, and then click to log in.
  • 7. For the further setup go to SETUP>then, WIRELESS SETTINGS> then SECURITY OPTIONS.
  • 8. At the security options, verify the values, that you have entered at the password and SSID field.
  • 9. If these values match the values that you have entered in the login page, then click apply to secure your settings. Now your NETGEAR WIFI range extender has got connected to your WIFI network, so you may connect your wireless devices as much as you want.

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Connecting to the NETGEAR WIFI range Extender via WIFI;

  1. To connect with your WIFI range extender to the home network of your Netgear WIFI router, you have to reset your range extender by pressing the reset button.
  2. The reset button is already given to your WIFI range extender. Press the button for at least 10 seconds. Thus, your range extender will be set to its factory default settings.
  3. Go to the WIFI menu of your Mobile device or on the Computer, and relate to the default WIFI network of your extender, NETGEAR_EXT.
  4. now the time is to launch a browser from the connected device with the extender and router.
  5. Type the web URL at the Addy of the internet browser.
  6. Then press the enter or search option to get the login page. At this login page, type the USER ID and the Passphrase of your WIFI range extender. Both should be case-sensitive.
  7. Click to login, and follow the onscreen prompts to get reconnected of your home WIFI network.
  8. Thereon, reconnect the WIFI devices with your WIFI range extender.

How can I troubleshoot my wireless network?

This article is going to be very helpful if you have bought a new router, like cable gateway AX or wireless AC series routers, but are unable to get the internet connection even using the smart setup wizard or Sometimes we follow the user’s manual guide properly, but still, are unable to get the network. If you do not have the hard copy of the manual, then you can get the manual through Moreover follow the below-mentioned procedures.

  • Switch off the wireless function and hook an Ethernet connection to the router and the computer directly.
  • First is to reboot the router and then verify for the internet connection.
  • If you find that there is no internet connection, then reboot the modem if you have any along with the router.  
  • Do one more effort that is to reboot your computer and connect it directly to the modem in place of the router.
  • If after doing all the efforts you are still unable to find the internet connection, then you have to call your internet service provider.
  • If you have recently lost the internet connection and earlier it was working fine, then be with us for the following essential resolutions.

How do we get the internet connection if lost it recently?

Use these instructions, if you were connected very well but suddenly you lost the connection and are getting the following issues, like “No access to websites”, “No activity on the internet LED  of your router”, and the last but not least ” no internet access on connected devices”. Now follow these troubleshoot connections. Each of the up listed steps can work independently, and cannot be used in a series. So, if you are able to get with any of the resolutions, then no need to try the other one. If you find that one is not working then try the other step.

  • make sure that you have secured each of the connection securely with the cable connection.
  • power cycle the modem and the router to refresh the cable connection. for power cycling the router and the modem you have to switch off all your devices such as cable DSL modem, wired and wireless router along with wired and wireless devices.
  • Reboot the devices and wait till it restarts and get the internet.
  • If the LEDs are blinking to solid white that means you have got the internet connection. This process can take a couple of minutes, sit patiently and proceed to the further step if still unable to get the internet.
  • Other best option is to get the newly launched firmware according to the version of your hardware device by visiting the support site of the official by the NETGEAR.
  • If all fails to work the definite solution is to press the reset button fixed over the router and the modem for 5 to 10 seconds.
  • After 10 seconds leave the button and wait till it gets set to factory default settings properly. Now you can get the internet connection via putting the basic credentials at the basic web page. 

How to get DSL Troubleshoot for the Error: “Incorrect ISP Username or the Password”?

If in the scenario you get messages, such as “Twisted cable” line. In that case, your LED will be blinking solid green, but the “Globe Internet” LED is solid red Continuously. Or you will be getting errors like “Incorrect username and the Password” at the time of Genie setup.

Follow the solutions need fully.

  • First of all, verify your documents. These documents might have provided to you by your internet service provider, in which you have used your username and the password at the moment of Genie setup.
  • If any of this information is not available to you, then you should use the assistance of ISPs or step up to
  • The username and the password are not accessible by your internet service provider, and they are helpless to find your username and the password. You have to do a factory reset in case you forget or have entered the wrong one by mistake.
  • The username and the password would not be the same that might have asked to you during this session. If you get the default credentials then enter these at the necessary field and then proceed successfully.